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    Foldable Seagrass Woven Storage Basket

    Functional, organic, and environmentally-friendly, this woven basket is just the item for the person who loves to keep things tidy and organized. It’s foldable and multi-functional - you can use...
    Foldable Cotton Basket
    Color Gray
    Color White
    Color Beige

    Foldable Cotton Basket

    These cotton rope baskets make clutter look cute, with their adorable design and convenient size. Whether it's cleaning up toys and teddy's or organizing socks and undergarments, you can't go...

    Natural Kitchen Scrub Brush

    Add a sustainable, all-natural feel to your kitchen with these wooden scrubbing tools! made of natural wood, they're made to last and everything you need for an eco-friendly home. Say...
    Bamboo Traveling Cutlery Set
    7pcs setA002
    8pcs setB002
    8pcs setA002
    7pcs setB002
    10pcs set002

    Bamboo Traveling Cutlery Set

    Everything you need, all wrapped up in a travel-friendly packet! This set consists of everything you may need to enjoy your meals on-the-go. These utensils are made of bamboo, and...
    Reusable Baby Diapers

    Reusable Baby Diapers

    Making the choice of choosing a brighter future is one we can all respect. The amount of diapers that end up in landfills is a number we can no longer...

    Wooden Leaf Platter

    $36.00 $29.86
    Wood has maintained humankind from the beginning of time with shelter, tools, and warmth. Let wood be the cornerstone of your sustainable home with these rustic wooden serving dishes. Take...

    Stainless Steel Wooden Razor

    Most razors are made of plastic and fast-dulling metals that end up in the trash bin soon rather than later. Buying plastics not only endorses the creation of it, but...

    Cute Reusable Coffee Cup

    If you love coffee, tea, and saving the planet, we've got you're new favorite cup! It is fashionable and reusable for the eco-warrior in you. Ditch the single-use containers and...
    Bamboo Toothbrush Set
    5 Piece pink
    5 Piece sky blue
    5 Piece grey
    5 Piece Color Mix
    5 Piece light green

    Bamboo Toothbrush Set

    Another movement you ought to join if you want to do the planet some good! Say goodbye to cavities and the waste that plastic toothbrushes accumulate with this bamboo toothbrush...

    Stainless Steel Reusable Capsule Cup for Nespresso

    Features:Save your moneyNot only are you saving the environment when you use our reusable capsules, you're also saving tons of money in the process. Depending on how much coffee you...
    Bamboo Wooden Cup

    Bamboo Wooden Cup

    Wood has maintained humankind from the beginning of time with shelter, tools, and warmth. Somewhere along the way, we diverged to synthetic unnatural materials that not only harm our planet...

    FEATHERS Saveplace® Eco-Friendly Snacks Bag, Lunch Bag

    Many of us WANTS to be surrounded with eco-friendly things. So we created cotton and linen bag for YOU.Size: 28x26x3.5 cm (11.02x10.23x1.38 in).Materials: cotton, linen.Made in Lithuania, Europe.

    Yoga Bag - OMSutra Hand Crafted Chic Bag

    Handcrafted by women artisans, these bags are made of hand-embroidered cotton fabric which is very durable. Designed to keep your yoga essentials neatly organized with a spacious interior and zippered pockets, each bags...


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